Seafood & Gambling – Everything you need to know!!!

Seafood is the food obtained from sea life, majorly including fished and shellfish crabs and prawns. Some sea plants are also edible like microalgae and seaweeds, which are used as sea vegetables by humans all over the world. The harvesting of seafood is known as fishing and hunting, whereas the rising and cultivation of seafood are known as aquaculture or farming.

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There are different types of seafood available for humans to eat. In the upcoming paragraphs, we will learn about the variety of seafood and some facts about them, which you may don’t know.

Types of seafood!!

• Lobster – Lobster has claws that are unequal in length. The larger one is used to break the hard shell of food sources, and the smaller one is used as the soft flesh. These are considered as low poverty food, cheap and heavily abundant, eaten by poor and prisoners.

Oysters– There are different categories of oyster which are edible. They belong to different family and are not the same oysters which are used for making Pearl’s.

poke – It is the raw fish like tuna fish and is being the most popular seafood across the world from the past 3-4 years. It is often served with rice bowl or grains such as avocado.

Gulf red snapper –  It is the most iconic, economically cheap, and most desired lucrative fish in the Gulf of Mexico. Very few species of gulf red snapper are edible and available on grocery stores at a cheap rate. The larger and the older the snapper is, it will produce more eggs.

Crawfish – It was the first to be declared as official state crustacean. A variety of crawfish has been recognized until now. Some of these are crayfish, mudbugs, crawdads, freshwater lobsters. They have 8 legs, out of which 4 are used for walking forward, and 4 are used for swimming backward.

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In a nutshell, fish and other seafood items contain essential fats and micronutrients, fibers, and protein, which are beneficial for human health. They increase the bone mass and overall immunity of the body and make the person lead a healthy life. 

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